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For the children

Water trampoline

Our water trampoline is favourite with young and old children.


Playground with jumping cushion, sandpit, swings, playing house, climbing net and ropes, volleybal net and slackline.

Feeding the animals



Treasure hunt

In 1050, the vikings came by boat along the Otra all the way from the South…
It was during the night, when there was a heavy storm, the river was very wild at that moment…
The Vikings could not see a thing and got suddenly stuck just here, in front of the nowadays grassland of Flateland Camping…
It was not a campsite at that moment of course! It was a wild area with a lot of wild dangerous animals!
The Vikings shipwrecked and thus they had to go ashore. They took their treasure and hided it in the forest…

Nowadays you can still find this treasure! Just ask in the reception for the map, goodluck! 🙂