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Day trips

East towards Dalen

Perhaps the most diverse trip is the one to Dalen. Follow the scenic national route 45 over the mountains and visit the town of Dalen, located at the very end of the infamous Telemark canal. Visit the Viking style hotel or drive further to the stave church in Eidsborg and the Telemark museum. On the road back you might pay a visit to the museum and art gallery Grimdalstunet.

West towards Lysebotn

West over the mountains leads the Suleskarvegen, one of the highest mountain roads in Norway and the main connection between the Setesdal and the west coast. Besides getting ‘lost’ in the highlands and experiencing snow walls even up to July, you may take this road to visit Lysebotn or to make the hike to the Kjerag bolten with impressive views over the Lysefjord.

North towards Hovden

A day trip to the north will take you to Hovden. Here you could visit the ski center or on a rainy day go to the swimming pool and finish with dinner in Hovden fjellkroa.


South towards Evje

Driving south will take you to Evje, where there is much to be seen and done. Go rafting at Trollaktiv or visit the Mineral park. On the way there you will pass several locations of the Setesdal open air museum.